March 2019 – Volume 23 Issue 1

March 2019 – Volume 23 Issue 1

Since 1979, Software Unlimited, Inc. has been a trusted K-12 partner, developing fund accounting solutions and supporting thousands of school business office personnel represented by more than 900 school districts and educational organizations in 8 states.  After 40 years, our Mission remains the same – To create, maintain, update, and support comprehensive and affordable fund accounting solutions tailored to meet the state specific reporting requirements for schools.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we would like to extend a big thank you to each of our loyal customers.  This milestone would not be possible without your continued support and satisfaction!

Software Unlimited, Inc. remains a family and employee-owned company.  We are very excited about the future and will continue to focus on the same commitment that began it all.  We strive to exceed expectations in product quality and maintain lasting relationships with our clients.

Check Reconciliation

For the most part, everyone reconciles their bank statements at the end of each month, but what tools do you use to complete your reconciliation?  Do you take advantage of the School Accounting System and utilize the Check Reconciliation option, or do you currently reconcile using spreadsheets or manual ledgers?  The Check Reconciliation option in the General Ledger module is easy to use and will save you time, along with ensuring your bank statement and cash account truly reconcile.

The Check Reconciliation option in the School Accounting System reconciles the designated cash account(s) for a checking account with your bank statement.  Within the Check Reconciliation option, the checks, automatic payment stubs, direct deposit payments, and deposits that are included on the bank statement are quickly marked as cleared.

The advantages of using the Check Reconciliation option in the School Accounting System include:

  • Reconciling:  Confirm your bank statement balances with the cash account(s) for your checking account.
  • Self Auditing:  Monitor the activity of your bank account and verify only authorized payments were made by comparing the transactions entered into the School Accounting System with the transactions shown on your bank statement.
  • Accuracy:  By not copying information from the School Accounting System to spreadsheets or manual ledgers, transferring errors are eliminated.
  • Better Reporting:  Numerous reports with checking account information can be generated, including check registers, outstanding and cashed checks listings, and check reconciliation reports.
  • Consolidation:  All checking account and check reconciliation information is entered and saved in the School Accounting System.

For step-by-step instructions on completing the Check Reconciliation option in General Ledger, refer to the Completing Check Reconciliation topic in the Help File, or click here to view the Training Calendar to register to attend an upcoming presentation of the Check Reconciliation Webinar (or request the webinar recording).

Newsletter Survey

On the topic of check reconciliation:  Do you currently use the Check Reconciliation option in the School Accounting System to reconcile your bank statement at the end of each month?  If not, do you plan to use the Check Reconciliation option in the School Accounting System in the future?

Click the Survey Question link to participate in the survey.

Please be sure to submit your response.  We look forward to your participation in all our surveys.

Previous Survey Results

The Newsletter Survey questions for the December 2018 issue related to recording credit card payments in Accounts Payable.  The survey questions and responses are shown below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!

K12Docs is ready. Are you?

K12Docs is ready.  Are you?

Our new cloud-based, electronic document management platform called K12Docs allows your organization to reduce the need for long-term paper storage and manual retention policies.  More importantly, K12Docs is fully-integrated with the School Accounting System core program and add-on modules to allow direct access to electronically stored documents.

As the testing with our Early Adopter group is winding down, many districts have inquired about its availability.  We are pleased to announce the solution is ready for all customers, and we are beginning to onboard new customers beginning this month!

The benefits of electronic document management are many.  With a flexible electronic filing structure, the storage, archival, and retrieval of documents is easier, while allowing you to comply with state-mandated retention policies.  Storage concerns are eliminated, IT costs are reduced, and record retention is automated.

Please contact if interested in learning more about K12Docs.

End of Fiscal Year Trainings

End of Fiscal Year Trainings

The end of fiscal year is just around the corner!  To help prepare yourself for the upcoming end of fiscal year activities, be sure to register to attend an end of fiscal year workshop or the applicable end of fiscal year webinars.  We strongly encourage new and experienced users alike to participate in the end of fiscal year training.

All the end of fiscal year trainings have been scheduled and are now listed on the Training Calendar on our website.  To view and register for a training, click here to access the Training Calendar.

Support Corner - Amy Feit, Director of Customer Support

Support Corner - Amy Feit, Director of Customer Support

Microsoft to End Support of Windows 7 and Server 2008

As you may already know, Microsoft ® announced that it is ending support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 on January 14, 2020.  Microsoft has communicated there will no longer be new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical updates after that date.

In addition to the vulnerabilities and security risks running an unpatched operating system impose, new features implemented in the School Accounting System may no longer be compatible with the Windows 7 and Server 2008 operating systems.  If you are currently running either of these operating systems, we strongly recommend that you start taking measures now to move to newer versions of the Windows operating system and have a plan in place to upgrade these machines no later than January 2020.

Please take a moment to view and pass along our current system recommendations to your Technical Coordinator.  The recommendations can be found on our website at, and the second page includes specifications for customers looking to take advantage of the cloud option to completely offload the district’s hardware responsibility.  If you have any concerns in regards to your current hardware configuration, or would like to speak with someone about the system recommendations, we are more than happy to help.  Please contact our Customer Support Department at 800.756.0035 ext. 2 or by emailing

Electronic Invoices

Electronic Invoices

Thirty years ago they were talking about the ‘paperless’ office, but hindsight has taught us the task is maybe easier said than done.  However, many private organizations and public entities are finding the prevalence of affordable technology will help make this dream a reality in the very near future, and we’d like to help.

At Software Unlimited, Inc., we use our School Accounting System for our internal accounting, and more specifically to this topic, we use our Accounts Receivable (+ar) module to handle all of our billing and invoicing to customers.  A time-saving feature of the Accounts Receivable module is the ability to email invoices directly, and we would like to offer this convenient form of electronic invoicing as an option for customers to help save you time, money, and reduce clutter.

If you are interested in receiving electronic invoices from Software Unlimited, please send an email to with your preferred email address to receive invoices.  Many districts have established a generic email address specifically for this purpose (ex. to expedite delivery to the necessary Accounts Payable personnel.

Additionally, an efficient feature of the Accounts Payable module is the ability to pay your vendors via direct deposit, something more vendors are starting to accept.  If you are interested in setting up this option to pay Software Unlimited invoices, please email for instructions.

Email Purchase Orders Tutorial

The Email Purchase Orders option in the School Accounting System is used to email copies of purchase orders as .PDF file attachments to vendors, employees, and/or designated approval tree contacts.  Click here (or on the image below) to watch a 4-minute video demonstrating the Email Purchase Orders option.

Don’t miss out!

Don’t miss out!

We regularly send out important information via email regarding important product information, upcoming training opportunities, and more.

To ensure that these important email messages reach your inbox safely, we highly recommend that you add our domain,, to your safe sender list.

Log into our website and read our How do I add SUI to my Safe Sender list? Knowledge Base article. More importantly, forward this information on to your technology coordinator/email administrator to ensure correct setup for your district’s unique spam filter(s).

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

With so many of our school districts and communities impacted by recent flooding, an important strategic plan for any organization is defining how to keep business-critical activities functioning, and effectively manage risk during and after a disaster.

There are many resources available on the topic, and a reliable source for planning help and guidance is available on the website, an official website of Homeland Security:

Planning is certainly the most important aspect of preparedness, and with many schools migrating to hosted, off-site services for the student information systems and accounting systems, key steps have already been taken in preparation for future uncertainties.

As our hearts go out to all who have been devastated by flooding this Spring, we continue to look for ways to extend a helping hand to family, friends, and colleagues.  Whether our capacity to provide comfort is direct or through financial support, aid is needed now and for the long recovery ahead.  The team at Software Unlimited, Inc. recently donated to the American Red Cross, and we are here to support impacted schools.

Trivia Challenge

Trivia Challenge

It is time for another Software Unlimited, Inc. Trivia Challenge.  In each newsletter, we will test your knowledge by asking a question on various topics ranging from options in the School Accounting System to information about the company of Software Unlimited, Inc.  If you are up to the challenge, try to answer the question and you may be eligible to win a USB flash drive.

Q.  How many years has Software Unlimited, Inc. been in existence?  Click to answer

A winner will be selected at random from the list of correct respondents.  Don’t forget to read the Trivia Challenge article in the next newsletter to see the winner and correct answer.  Good luck!

In last quarter’s newsletter, the Trivia Challenge asked, What option completes the calculation of the formulas for taxes used with balancing W2s?  The answer is the Balancing Information option, which is accessed under the Options menu (or Check Cycle menu) in Payroll.  Congratulations to Julie Jefson from Forest City Community School District for being selected at random from the list of correct respondents and winning a USB flash drive.



Software Unlimited, Inc. will be closed on:

May 27 for Memorial Day

On the Move

April Coyne, who has been with Software Unlimited, Inc. for 2 years, recently moved to a new position within our Customer Support Department.  April’s new position is New School Coordinator.  She joins Beth (who is highlighted in our Staff Spotlight below) and together they assist new school districts converting to and using the School Accounting System.

Congratulations to April on her new position!

Staff Spotlight - Beth Dahl

Staff Spotlight - Beth Dahl

Beth has been the New School Coordinator for Software Unlimited, Inc. since July 2014.  She enjoys working with new school districts to explore how our software can help make daily tasks easier and more enjoyable.  It is truly a joy for her to hear customers share their relief when they complete their first payroll in a much shorter amount of time than they had before.  Outside of the office, Beth enjoys visiting her grandchildren (six at this point) and other family members, working on 3D jigsaw puzzles, and completing crochet and embroidery projects.  She is also active in her local church and enjoys finding ways to serve in her community.

The training and support is fabulous!

The customer support over the phone and the face-to-face training session have been very well done and helpful.

SUI’s customer support is second to none!

I am very impressed on how on top of the Missouri DESE code changes you are.