Payroll End of Fiscal Year Checklist


Thursday, June 11, 2020


The Payroll End of Fiscal Year Checklist Webinar is a live, online presentation.  During this interactive webinar, participants will learn how to complete the Payroll End of Fiscal Year Checklist in the School Accounting System.  The steps to expense salaries and benefits, print end of fiscal year reports, and enter new wages and leaves for the next year for employees will be reviewed.  Time will be spent at the end of the webinar answering questions during a Question and Answer (Q & A) session.  This webinar is designed for users who did not attend an End of Fiscal Year Workshop.

For Iowa school districts completing Reversing GAAP entries, the steps to enter Reversing GAAP entries during the Payroll End of Fiscal Year Checklist will not be covered during this webinar; if desired, register for an End of Fiscal Year Workshop scheduled in Iowa to review the end of fiscal year process including Reversing GAAP entries.

Note:  The times listed for the webinar are Central Time.

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