2 Hours

During the Requisitions Webinar, participants will learn how to set up and use the requisition options in the School Accounting System. The Requisitions Setup Checklist will be reviewed in detail, including how to enter and submit requisitions, approve requisitions, and convert approved requisitions to purchase orders. Also covered in this webinar will be the advantages of using requisitions, the ability to track the progression of a requisition, and the various reports available for requisitions. This webinar is intended for those districts that do not currently enter requisitions in the School Accounting System but are planning on implementing the process in the future.

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Our school board really likes the reports out of this software.

The system is user friendly, the updates are timely, and the support staff is wonderful!

I love how user friendly the modules are.

I am very impressed on how on top of the Missouri DESE code changes you are.