Web Link Setup Refresher


2 Hours

During the Web Link Setup Refresher Webinar, participants will review the steps on the Web Link Setup Checklist in order to understand the setup options available for Web Link. The Web Link Setup Options, Requisition Options, Leave Request Options, and defining users for Web Link access will be covered in detail. The instructions for actually using the options within Web Link will not be covered in this webinar but are available through the Web Link Tutorials. This webinar is intended for those school districts who have previously completed the initial training on the Web Link module and would just like a refresher on the setup options.

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The transition from our old program to the new SUI program was smooth and flawless!

I think this is a great accounting system.

Software Unlimited is always on top of the ever changing rules to help us stay in compliance.

ACA reporting was awesome! It worked so well and the direct connection with the IRS was the best!