The School Accounting System is a flexible and comprehensive suite of financial software solutions designed specifically for school districts and customized to meet your unique state reporting requirements. A suite of integrated add-on modules, including a cloud-based electronic document management solution called K12Docs, provides a complete set of tools to complement your business office.



Our full-service Training Department offers a variety of educational opportunities for the School Accounting System and its add-on modules. We strive to provide trainings that are valuable and flexible. Whether you prefer to learn in a hands-on workshop environment or at your own desk via the Internet, we have an option for you. Attend Unlimited Workshops and Webinars no additional cost.



Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff is ready to assist you with any system questions you have. Whether you just need a refresher on how a feature works or a guide to help you navigate a complex procedure, we have the experience to quickly get you on your way. Best of all, you can enjoy Unlimited Customer Support assistance at no additional cost.

About Software Unlimited, Inc.

The mission at Software Unlimited, Inc. is to create, maintain, update, and support comprehensive and affordable fund accounting solutions tailored to meet the state specific reporting requirements for Midwest schools. Our in-house product developers, full-service training staff, and knowledgeable customer service team guarantee our customers will always receive unlimited access to service and support from experienced professionals.  More importantly, our inclusive licensing covers unlimited updates, training, and support to help you focus on what is important.

Software Unlimited, Inc. was founded in 1979, and we’re extremely proud our first districts are still our customers today. Those humble beginnings were long ago, but they are not forgotten. Today, we focus on the same commitment that began it all; we strive to exceed expectations in product quality and maintain lasting relationships with our clients.

Computer and software technology will continue to change, and our goal at Software Unlimited, Inc. is to develop and support software with the best technology available while being mindful of our customers’ needs to have affordable products and services. We’re excited about the future and look forward to working with our customers through the many changes that will undoubtedly come!

Licensing Includes

Unlimited Updates

Enjoy unlimited updates at no additional cost; not only is the software customized for your state now, it is always going to stay that way. Anytime your state government, department of education, retirement, or federal reporting requirements change, you can be confident the School Accounting System will be updated to meet your needs.

Unlimited Training

All formally scheduled Workshops and Webinars are included for you to take advantage of unlimited training at no additional cost. Our training opportunities include hands-on or refresher workshops scheduled frequently throughout our territory and webinars focused on important topics. View our Training Options to learn more.

Unlimited Support

You can call us toll free at 800.756.0035 ext. 2 or email support to initiate an inquiry. More than 50% of all calls are answered by a live representative to get you back on track quickly. For more details on how we handle inquiries, view our Contact Procedures. We are confident you will find our responsiveness to be one of the best in the industry!

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I am very impressed on how on top of the Missouri DESE code changes you are.

The customer support over the phone and the face-to-face training session have been very well done and helpful.

I love the SU program. It is user friendly and your Help desk is wonderful.

You are so proactive – if there is a change in any aspect of the law you make the change and…