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June 2021 – Volume 25 Issue 2

Have you ever found yourself wanting to print reports for only certain account numbers?  Or wanting to limit a user to only being able to enter certain account numbers within the data entry options in Accounts Payable, General Ledger, or Web Link?  Or wanting an employee to only view certain… Read More

March 2021 – Volume 25 Issue 1

For organizations with the Web Link module licensed, are you taking advantage of letting your employees verify their personal information via Web Link and make changes if needed?  Within the Web Link Setup Options (accessed under the Utilities menu on the main School Accounting System screen), you can allow employees… Read More

December 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 4

December 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 4

The Internal Revenue Service requires that 1099 forms be issued to unincorporated vendors (such as independent contractors and landlords) who have provided purchased services or goods of $600 or more during the calendar year, and to attorneys for fees or amounts paid for gross proceeds of $600 or more.  Beginning… Read More

September 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 3

September 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 3

Are you taking advantage of all the shortcuts available to help speed up the process for entering cash receipts into the School Accounting System?  A recent update to the School Accounting System included additional enhancements to make the data entry process for cash receipts more efficient. To help save time… Read More

I am very impressed on how on top of the Missouri DESE code changes you are.

I don’t know how we business managers would be able to do all that is “thrown” at us without the Software…

SUI is excellent at keeping up to date with our state reporting requirements.

I love the customer support! I never panic — all I have to do is pick up the phone.