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Contact Support

To access a searchable archive of Frequently Asked Questions and Training Tidbits, please click on the Knowledge Base links from any of the main screens in the School Accounting System.

We take pride in providing unmatched Customer Support, as we understand the importance for you to receive timely and professional assistance. Outlined below, there are several simple ways you can contact Customer Support. Regardless of your preferred method of contact, your request will be handled in the order in which it is received. All requests, whether initiated via the School Accounting System, phone, or email, will be responded to with a phone call unless directed otherwise.

Click the Request Support Option in the School Accounting System

  • The Request Support option can be found in the lower right corner of any of the main School Accounting System screens and allows you to contact our Customer Support team without leaving the software or having to pick up the phone.
  • Upon clicking this convenient option, you will be prompted for your name and a brief description of our inquiry. Some users even type something as simple as “please call” or “questions” when they do not wish to add the details of their inquiry.
  • After clicking the Execute button, our Customer Support team will be immediately alerted of your request, and the first available representative will call to assist you with your question.

Call Customer Support

  • You can reach our Customer Support Department by dialing 800.756.0035 ext. 2.
  • When calling, if a representative is immediately available, your call is routed directly to a live representative to assist you.
  • If there are no representatives immediately available, your call will be answered by the receptionist who will ask for your name and customer number. Once your call is logged, the next available Customer Support Representative will return your call.

Email Support

  • If your preference is to email, we can be reached at
  • Once received, a Customer Support Representative will contact you by phone to assist with your inquiry.

If the telephone line is busy, or there is no answer when a Customer Support Representative attempts to contact you, we will continue attempts approximately every 15 minutes, depending on representative availability. We will also attempt alternative or mobile numbers as well.

If we get a voicemail, we will make three attempts, leaving a message each time. On the third attempt, we will leave a message and will send an email indicating that your request will be set aside until we hear back from you. When you reply to that email or return our call, your request will be taken in order based on your original contact time.

Occasionally, a Customer Support Representative may email you directly when working on an issue. However, when you have future inquiries, please be sure to contact Customer Support using one of the methods listed above rather than emailing a Support Representative directly – doing so will guarantee a timely response, as representatives’ schedules vary.

All support requests logged before 5:00pm CT Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays) will be returned as soon as possible on the same day.

Customer Support team meetings are held on Friday mornings at 8:00am CT. Reception is available to log calls, but our Customer Support team will not be available until after 8:30am CT, unless a call is a priority or prior arrangements have been made.