Contact Procedures

When calling, if there are support representatives immediately available, your call will go directly to a representative when dialing extension 2, and you will begin working to resolve your question or issue. If there are no support representatives immediately available, your call will be answered by the receptionist who will ask for your name, Customer Number, and a brief description of the issue. Once this call is logged, the next available support representative will return your call.

If the line is busy or there is no answer when we call back, we will continue attempts approximately every 20 minutes depending on representative availability. We will attempt alternative numbers as well.

If we get a voice mail, we will make three attempts, leaving a message each time. After the third message, your request will be set-aside until we hear back from you. When you call back in, your request will be taken in order based on your original contact time, most likely moving to the top of the list.

When emailing or faxing, a call will be logged once received. Be sure to include your name, 4-digit Customer Number, and a brief description of the issue on emails and faxes to ensure they are logged correctly. All requests whether initiated via phone, email, or fax, will be responded to with a phone call unless directed otherwise.

Occasionally, a Support Representative may email you directly when working on an issue. However, when you have future inquiries, please be sure to email the general Support address or call the 800 number – doing so will guarantee a timely response, as representatives’ schedules vary.

All support requests logged before 5:00pm CT on normal workdays will be returned as soon as possible on that same day.

If your request meets the criteria for a priority (see “Prioritization” below), or if you have any other schedule constraints for a callback time such as a meeting or lunch, let the receptionist know this as well.

Support staff meetings are held on Friday mornings at 8:00am CT. Reception is available to log calls, but support staff will not be available until after 8:30am CT unless a call is a priority or prior arrangements have been made.


If you are in one of these situations, make sure to mention it to the receptionist and they will prioritize your call. We do ask that you use discretion, as your call will be placed ahead of other customers’ calls.

  • Checks Due: If you are working on Payroll issues and the Payroll Checks / Direct Deposit need to be completed that day
  • Board Meeting: If you are working on something that is needed urgently for a Board Meeting or for your Superintendent or a Board Member
  • Locked Out: If you are unable to log into the system or it is frozen and you are unable to work at all
  • Tech / Auditor On Site: If you have someone on site who has a limited timeframe to help you with an issue, such as a shared / part time Technician or an Auditor

If there are other extenuating circumstances regarding your call, let the receptionist know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

I have only great things to say about Software Unlimited, Inc.’s customer support team. I always receive the help I need…

The training and support is fabulous!

I’ve worked with several software vendors and have never received the level of support that SUI provides.

I love the customer support! I never panic — all I have to do is pick up the phone.