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June 2021 – Volume 25 Issue 2

Have you ever found yourself wanting to print reports for only certain account numbers?  Or wanting to limit a user to only being able to enter certain account numbers within the data entry options in Accounts Payable, General Ledger, or Web Link?  Or wanting an employee to only view certain account numbers on reports generated in Web Link?  If so, define and use account groups in General Ledger to accomplish these items.

Account groups are defined within the Account Groups option accessed under the Maintenance menu in General Ledger.  When adding a new account group, specific account numbers can be selected or masks can be utilized to have the system automatically select the applicable account numbers.

Once an account group is created, reports can be printed to only include the account numbers tied to a particular account group, by selecting the applicable Account Groups report selection description for a report and then completing the Account Group ID parameter.

Users can be tied to account groups in the User Security option in order to limit a user’s access to only certain account numbers for the data entry options within Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and/or Web Link, and also generate reports within Web Link for only certain account numbers.

For more information on account groups, including the detailed instructions for adding account groups, refer to the Account Groups topic in the Help File, or view the Account Groups Tutorial included in the Account Groups Tutorial article in this newsletter.