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March 2016 – Volume 20 Issue 1

March 2016 – Volume 20 Issue 1

With spring time upon us, a new season of staff requisitions will begin for the coming year. One of the easiest ways to streamline this process is to use the Requisitions option in the School Accounting System. Entering requisitions directly into the software speeds up the approval process and allows you to easily create purchase orders and eventually invoices for a near seamless workflow. Additionally, for those districts with our Web Link module licensed, your staff can create and submit their own requisitions from within Web Link. This means you can go completely paperless if you desire, plus they will have done most all of the data entry for you!

Another benefit of using the Requisitions option is that notification emails can also be sent to: 1) the staff who submitted requisitions to let them know when their requisitions have either been approved or rejected; and 2) the designated approvers of requisitions to notify them when they have unapproved items waiting for their attention.

All requisitions created and submitted in the School Accounting System are subject to approval of designated users who are defined in an approval tree. Approval trees are created to specify who and in what order the requisitions should be approved (or rejected). Approval trees can be created for individual buildings, departments, activities, etc. This ensures that the proper people are involved in the decision making, and also speeds up the process as a whole since paper forms no longer need to be passed around.

Once a requisition has been fully approved, it can be selected and converted into a purchase order with only a couple of clicks of the mouse. The vendor ID, description, employee ID, and all of the detail line items are directly copied from the requisition to the purchase order form and can be edited, if needed.

The Requisition Status option makes the entire process, from submitting to full approval or rejection of the requisition, transparent for submitters. Within the Requisition Status option, users can monitor where the requisition is at in the process, as well as view any comments that have been entered about the requisition by those in the approval sequence.

For more information about requisitions, refer to the Requisitions topic in the Help File. You can also register for an upcoming Requisitions webinar, or a previous recording is available by request.

For more information on the Web Link module, please contact