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March 2022 – Volume 26 Issue 1

March 2022 – Volume 26 Issue 1

There are different methods for signing checks issued by your organization.  The traditional means include stamping the checks using preordered signature stamps or having the signers physically sign each check.  Within the Check Setup options in the School Accounting System, there is a signature image feature which provides an alternative method to avoid the tedious work of stamping or signing each check.  The signature image feature utilizes a scanned image of one or more signatures that prints on the check as the check is printed within the School Accounting System.

With the signature image feature, the signature(s) must first be scanned and saved as a .gif file.  Up to two files of signatures can be used with one check format, and multiple signatures can be scanned together into one file if needed.  After the signatures are scanned and saved, the Signature Images section is completed within the applicable Check Setup options to specify the location of the file(s) containing the saved signatures, and also define the size and placement for where to print the signatures on your checks.  Then when the checks are printed, the scanned signatures will print on the checks.

For step-by-step instructions on setting up a signature image, refer to the Signature Image Setup Checklist topic in the Help File, or view the tutorial (included in an article below) demonstrating the signature image setup.