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September 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 3

September 2020 – Volume 24 Issue 3

Are you taking advantage of all the shortcuts available to help speed up the process for entering cash receipts into the School Accounting System?  A recent update to the School Accounting System included additional enhancements to make the data entry process for cash receipts more efficient.

To help save time when entering cash receipts, define and use received froms for the various entities from which you receive money or funds.  The Received Froms option is accessed under the Maintenance menu in General Ledger.  When a received from is set up, complete the following fields of information in order to take advantage of shortcuts when entering cash receipts:

  • Description field:  enter a description noting what the received from is used for (what money or funds are received from the person or organization).
  • Receipt Accounts List:  enter the account numbers and detail descriptions to use as the defaults when entering the detail lines on a cash receipt; this is applicable if the cash receipts for the received from typically use the same account numbers.
  • Use Distribution Percents field:  if the cash receipts for the received from always use the same account numbers and distribution splits, select this field to have the system automatically distribute the total amount of a cash receipt among the account numbers entered in the Receipt Accounts List based on the designated percentages; if this field is selected for a received from, the Distribution Percent field is enabled within the Receipt Accounts List and the total of all the percentages entered for the account numbers must equal 100%.

Additionally, review the General Ledger System File (also accessed under the Maintenance menu in General Ledger) and complete the Cash Receipt Information section.  There are fields available within the General Ledger System File for options to set the default posting type to use for all cash receipt batches, select the receipt report to print when clicking the To Screen & Save button within a batch of cash receipts, have the system automatically assign the cash receipt numbers (if desired), and have the system automatically add up all the detail line items and display the total in the header (only applicable for cash receipts not entered with a received from defined with default accounts and distribution percentages).

Then when entering cash receipts, utilize the following tips:

  • If the Cash Receipt Number field is enabled (the system is not defined to have the cash receipt numbers automatically assigned), use the + key or key to increment or decrement the receipt number by one.
  • Complete the Received From ID field with the correct received from.
  • In the Cash Receipt Description field, enter an R to pull in the description completed for the designated received from.
  • If the designated received from is defined with default accounts and distribution percentages, the Default Distribution List displays and when the cash receipt amount is entered, the system will either automatically update the amounts for the cash receipt detail lines or prompt asking to update the detail lines with the correct amounts based on the distribution percentages.
  • If default account numbers are defined for the received from without detail descriptions, use the following shortcut keys to pull in the desired description in the Cash Receipt Detail Description field:  R to use the description for the received from, H to use the description entered in the header of the cash receipt, or C to use the description for the chart of account number.

See the Cash Receipts Tutorial article included in this newsletter to watch a video demonstrating how to enter cash receipts and view the quick tips to help speed up the data entry process, or click here to request a recording of the Cash Receipts Webinar recording for more detailed instructions.