Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources module is fully integrated with the School Accounting System and is used to track all essential employee information including education and employment history, certificates and endorsements, benefits and COBRA, dependents, continuing education and other training, sick banks, Workers’ Comp, FMLA, demographics, as well as position tracking and more. Combined with the core program, the Human Resources module provides a robust personnel management system that will improve administrative communication and efficiency.

As with any of our add-on modules to the School Accounting System, you receive a 30-day trial period after activation to make sure the module will be a good fit for your school.

With Human Resources you can…

  • Track:
    • Benefits and COBRA
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Dependents
    • Sick Banks
    • Leave Information and FMLA
    • Certificates and Endorsements
    • Education, Military, and Employment History
    • Position Tracking
    • Demographics
    • Personnel Training
    • Employee Evaluations
  • Utilize a convenient email communication tool to keep district staff informed
  • Integrate with the Negotiations module to place staff on correct salary schedule lanes based on degree and additional credit hours or positions
  • Define comprehensive security settings to allow limited access to specific areas of the module while masking sensitive personal information

The key benefit of the Human Resources module is that it is completely integrated with the Payroll module allowing all employee information to be stored in a single database, thereby eliminating double entry that may currently be done on a separate system in the business office or by a human resources department.

Furthermore, an unlimited number of customized checklists can be created to assist in administrative tasking, and the module includes a convenient communications tool to email district staff based on various criteria such as upcoming employee evaluations, certificate expiration notices, and other date-driven field information.

Teaching Certificates

Workers' Compensation

Sick Banks

Mass Email Capabilities

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