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December 2017 – Volume 21 Issue 4

December 2017 – Volume 21 Issue 4

You shared suggestions and ideas, and we listened!

Since the release of the new Leave Requests feature back in May 2017, we received numerous suggestions to have a way for designated users who were not approvers to enter substitutes for leave requests.  We also heard from many that having access to a calendar showing all the leave requests would be beneficial.  With the latest update to the School Accounting System and Web Link module (version or higher), two new options have been included to meet these requests – Edit Leave Request Substitutes and View Leave Request Calendar.

The Edit Leave Request Substitutes option provides an easy way for substitutes to be assigned to employee leave requests by designated users.  With the Edit Leave Request Substitutes option, substitutes can be entered for leave requests that have been submitted, are pending or fully approved, and have not yet been brought into a batch of Employee Absences or Pay Period Entries.  Only users who are set up to edit substitutes (or defined as an approver) for an approval path are able to use the Edit Leave Request Substitutes option (and must be set up with rights to the option within User Security).

The View Leave Request Calendar option shows the summary information for all submitted leave requests that are pending approval or are fully approved.  The View Leave Request Calendar option includes the leave requests for all employees and leaves.  Only users who are defined in User Security with rights to the View Leave Request Calendar option are able to access it.

As a reminder, the Leave Requests feature is available to organizations that have licensed the Web Link module and is integrated with the leaves in Payroll.

For more information on the two new options, refer to the Edit Leave Request Substitutes topic and View Leave Request Calendar topic in the Help File, or click here to register for the upcoming Leave Request Webinar to be held on January 11.