December 2018 – Volume 22 Issue 4

December 2018 – Volume 22 Issue 4

Update:  K12Docs – Electronic Document Management

Our new cloud-based, electronic document management platform called K12Docs allows your organization to reduce the need for long-term paper storage and manual retention policies.  More importantly, K12Docs is fully-integrated with the School Accounting System core program and add-on modules to allow direct access to electronically stored documents.

In December, we began rolling out K12Docs to a limited group of Early Adopters for testing and feedback, and we’ll be wrapping up implementation at the end of the month.  This testing period will allow us to iron out any wrinkles and streamline our delivery in preparation for general availability in early 2019.

The benefits of electronic document management are many.  With a flexible electronic filing structure, the storage, archival, and retrieval of documents is easier, while allowing you to comply with state-mandated retention policies.  Storage concerns are eliminated, IT costs are reduced, and record retention is automated.

Please contact if interested in learning more about K12Docs.

Recording Credit Card Payments in Accounts Payable

Are you looking for the best way to record and issue a payment for a credit card bill?  If so, use the Credit Card Payment Batch section on the invoice batch options (as shown below) to write one check or automatic payment to a specific vendor (i.e. Visa) for all the invoices entered within the batch.  When creating an invoice batch to issue a credit card payment, enter the vendor for the credit card company as the Credit Card Vendor ID, and then enter each transaction or charge as an invoice within the batch.  By utilizing the Credit Card Payment Batch option, the history will be tied to the individual vendors for each transaction or charge, while the check is issued to the credit card company.

For more information on utilizing the Credit Card Payment Batch option, click here to access to the Training Tidbit on the Credit Card Payment Batch option, or click here to view the Credit Card Payment Batch tutorial.

Newsletter Survey

On the topic of recording credit card payments in Accounts Payable:  Do you currently utilize the Credit Card Payment Batch option with invoices for issuing payments to a credit card company?  If so, do you issue the payment to the credit card company as a prepaid check or automatic payment?  If not, do you plan to use the Credit Card Payment Batch option in the future?

Click the Survey Question link to participate in the survey.

Please be sure to submit your response.  We look forward to your participation in all our surveys.

Previous Survey Results

The Newsletter Survey questions for the September 2018 issue related to filing the Quarterly 941 electronically.  The survey questions and responses are shown below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!

End of Calendar Year Reminders

End of Calendar Year Reminders

It’s that time of the year again!  Holidays, winter break, and all sorts of forms that need to be issued, including W2s and 1095s to employees, and 1099s to vendors.  As you get ready to complete the end of calendar year activities, below are a few reminders and tips to review, as well as important deadlines to keep in mind.

Reminders and Tips:

  • Use and follow the Accounts Payable End of Calendar Year Checklist and the Payroll End of Calendar Year Checklist to be sure all the appropriate steps are completed.
  • Complete the SSN Verification Service option (accessed under the Government Reporting menu in Payroll) to verify Social Security Numbers and names of your employees to ensure the forms that will be issued include correct information.  If desired, click here to request the recording of the recent SSN Verification Service Webinar.
  • For 1099s, to add a second name for a vendor on the 1099 and specify which line the additional name needs to print, complete the Additional Recipient Name and Print Location fields on the Miscellaneous tab in the Vendor File; and if needed, use the Adjust 1099 Amounts option (accessed under the Options menu in the Vendor File) to enter an adjustment for a 1099 amount for a vendor.
  • For W2s, define the order items will post and print in Box 14 for employees by using the W2 Box 14 Default Order option.  Reminder, only nine items will post to Box 14 for an employee, with only the first four of those posted items actually being printed on the W2.
  • New boxes for W2s for 2018 include Box 12GG for income from qualified equity grants under section 83(i) and Box 12HH for aggregate deferrals under section 83(i) elections as of the close of the calendar year.  For more information on the two new boxes, click here to refer to the IRS W2 instructions.
  • Allow time for your employees to review their W2s and 1095s before submitting the returns to the government agencies.
  • New for Illinois school districts for 2018 – Filing W2s electronically to the state is now required for everyone (used to be required for only those reporting 250 W2s or more).
  • New for Iowa school districts for 2018 – Filing W2s electronically to the state is now required for everyone (used to be required for only those reporting 50 W2s or more).

Important Deadlines:

  • January 31, 2019 – Deliver 1099s to vendors and submit 1099s to IRS (if filing by paper or electronically)
  • January 31, 2019 – Deliver W2s to employees and submit W2s to SSA (if filing by paper or electronically)
  • New extension just announced for 2018:  March 4, 2019 – Deliver 1095s to employees
  • April 1, 2019 – Submit 1095/1094 forms to IRS

If desired, recordings of the end of calendar year webinars can be requested from the Training Calendar on our website.

Update: School Accounting System-Online Option

Within the last few years, nearly 500 districts have migrated to the School Accounting System-Online (cloud) option.

With the cloud option, you can log into the School Accounting System anywhere, anytime, and on any computer device (Windows/MAC).  All hardware management is inclusive – the server infrastructure, School Accounting System updates, and backup management are all taken care of for you.  This substantially lowers the cost of onsite hardware maintenance, allows you to pay for what you use in the cloud, and enables you to accurately predict cost by eliminating the need to reinvest in expensive, planned or unforeseen hardware upgrades, while ensuring peace of mind that your sensitive financial data is safe and secure.

In 2019, we will be rolling out an updated login screen that will provide a new, user-friendly interface complete with an Announcements section and links to important information and resources.  We also will be adding a Password Age reminder (when applicable) with an easy link to update your password.

Support Corner - Amy Feit, Director of Customer Support

Support Corner - Amy Feit, Director of Customer Support

Our Support Team is Growing!

Software Unlimited, Inc. is anticipating growth in our existing territories in the coming years.  We are very excited for this growth and want to be more than ready to handle possible increased volumes.  To do so, we are expanding our customer support team and are currently in the process of hiring two new support representatives.

The new representatives will undergo an extensive training period, so you shouldn’t expect to get them on the phone anytime soon, but when you do, I thank you in advance for your patience while they get familiar with our software and the intricacies of the issues that arise.  We look forward to being able to provide you with the same level of customer service you have come to expect from us.

As we move ahead into a new year, I would love to hear from you with regards to your experiences!  Not only do I enjoy hearing the many accolades, but I also appreciate your ideas on how we can improve.  Both types of feedback are incredibly important to help us to serve you better now and in the future.  You can get in touch with me by email at or by calling 800.756.0035.

View/Adjust Users Tutorial

The View/Adjust Users option can be used to view or adjust the rights for existing users for a module or specific screen or option within a module.  For example, use the View/Adjust Users option to quickly give all users access to view their W2s within Web Link.  Click here (or on the image below) to watch a 4-minute video demonstrating the View/Adjust Users option.

Trivia Challenge

Trivia Challenge

It is time for another Software Unlimited, Inc. Trivia Challenge.  In each newsletter, we will test your knowledge by asking a question on various topics ranging from options in the School Accounting System to information about the company of Software Unlimited, Inc.  If you are up to the challenge, try to answer the question and you may be eligible to win a USB flash drive.

Q.  What option completes the calculation of the formulas for taxes used with balancing W2s?  Click to answer

A winner will be selected at random from the list of correct respondents.  Don’t forget to read the Trivia Challenge article in the next newsletter to see the winner and correct answer.  Good luck!

In last quarter’s newsletter, the Trivia Challenge asked, What option moves the new rates (specified with a Rate Change Date) for deductions defined with a rate table so that the updated rates are displayed in the Employee File?  The answer is the Move Rate Table option which is accessed under the Options menu from within the Deduction File in Payroll.  Congratulations to Linda Evans from Fremont County School District #6 for being selected at random from the list of correct respondents and winning a USB flash drive.



Software Unlimited, Inc. will be closed on:

December 24-25 for Christmas
January 1 for New Year’s Day

Convention Winners

Convention Winners

Congratulations to the grand prize winners of an Amazon Echo Spot®.  The following person won by registering at our convention booth.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth to register and say “Hi”.  We greatly appreciate your support and participation.  Remember to look for the Software Unlimited, Inc. booth at the next convention and maybe you will be the next winner!

Winner at the Wyoming Trade Fair in Casper, WY
Kassey Westring from Carbon County School District #2 in Saratoga, WY

Staff Spotlight - Dwight Seigenthaler

Staff Spotlight - Dwight Seigenthaler

Dwight has been with Software Unlimited, Inc., since January 2001 and is currently the Chief Financial Officer.  He loves working with his fellow employees and visiting with our customers when he gets the chance.  He has seen many changes to our software since the DOS version and often gets to be the beta tester for new changes.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, watching football and baseball, and making things in his woodworking shop (garage).  Last year, Dwight and his wife were blessed with the addition of their first grandchild (Oliver) and he enjoys playing and reading to him.

The School Accounting System workshop I attended was full of wonderful information. Excellent training!

I love how user friendly the modules are.

SUI’s customer support is second to none!

Software Unlimited has done a great job of coordinating with our State…to make our work easier for year end and fiscal…