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June 2018 – Volume 22 Issue 2

June 2018 – Volume 22 Issue 2

Are you ready for Electronic Document Management?

Are you printing documents just to store them in a file cabinet?  Are file cabinets taking up important floor space?  Do you spend hours looking for paper documents?  What would happen to those documents if you had a fire or a flood?

As an administrator, you want to focus your time on high priority district needs.  Spending your time looking for historical documents and worrying about safely and securely retaining those records should not be stressful.

An electronic document management platform, with a secure and customizable cloud-based repository, allows your organization to reduce the need for long-term paper storage and manual retention policies. With a flexible electronic filing structure, the storage, archival and retrieval of documents is easier, while complying with state mandated retention policies.  Storage concerns are eliminated, IT costs are reduced, and record retention is automated.

Cloud-based solutions have come a long way in a few short years.  With several major Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers investing heavily in cloud services and flooding the market space, it has created a very competitive environment, driving costs lower.

An electronic document management solution can help you streamline:

  • Hiring of employees and teachers
    The hiring process enables paperless on-boarding through intelligent workflow. Complete, review and process new employees more efficiently, ensuring that all required information is collected before an employee’s start date, while easily tracking information such as ongoing certification requirements throughout an employee’s tenure. Once all your employee records are online, you can grant employees immediate, yet secure, access to view personnel files at any time, from any device.
  • Securing special needs documentation
    You can keep special needs documentation such as psychological evaluations, medical records and individualized education plans, in a secure, easy to access location for those that have permission to access them.  With a document management solution, it is even easier to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Integrating with administrative software
    Integrate with the School Accounting System or student records solutions to further ease the access to documents related to students, Payroll, HR, AP, AR, etc., reducing the need for paper storage of documents and keeping all related documents together for better financial decisions, less paper shuffling and less manual data entry.
  • Maintaining historical documents in a safe and secure location
    Make sure your important employee, financial, and student records are safe from disasters, and ensure only those that require access to the files have access anytime from anywhere.

With lowered costs and increased security and reliability, cloud-based document storage solutions are becoming affordable for K-12.

Software Unlimited, Inc. will be rolling out an electronic document management solution in Fall 2018 that will integrate with the School Accounting System and add-on modules to help districts of all sizes be more efficient, and ultimately, save time and money.