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June 2024 – Volume 28 Issue 2

June 2024 – Volume 28 Issue 2

As you complete the end of fiscal year activities, utilize the School Accounting System to generate the annual report for your state and the GASB 34 reports, if applicable.  The report options available for the various states are:

  • Idaho Annual Report (including the Annual Report and Annual Statement of Financial Condition) and Idaho Budget Report (including the Expenditures, Revenues, and Four Year Summary reports)
  • Illinois Annual Report and Illinois Budget Report
  • Iowa Annual Report (including the Certified Annual Report and IASB Budget Information) and GASB 34 Reports
  • Kansas Budget Report
  • Missouri Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports
  • Nebraska Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports
  • North Dakota Annual Report (including the Annual Report for school districts, vocational centers, special education units, and regional education associations; Certificate of Levy (for school districts); and Special Education Unit Budget); North Dakota ESSA Report; and GASB 34 Reports
  • South Dakota Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports
  • Wyoming Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports


  • When generating the Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports in General Ledger, any invalid account numbers (those that are not included on the reports) can typically be resolved by completing one of the following three options:  (1) crosswalk the account numbers to valid account numbers and then regenerate; (2) complete manual journal entries to move the balances to valid accounts and then regenerate; or (3) manually edit the report (if applicable).
  • If manually editing a report within the Annual Report or GASB 34 Reports option, do not regenerate that part of the report or the edits will be removed.
  • When creating the file from within the Annual Report option, do not change the name of the file as the School Accounting System creates the file with the correct name as required by each state.
  • If your auditor prepares the GASB 34 reports for your district, it is helpful to still generate the GASB 34 Reports and provide the reports to your auditor as a starting point.

For detailed instructions on the Annual Report and GASB 34 Reports, refer to the Annual Reports topic and GASB 34 Reports topic for your state in the Help File, and for Kansas, refer to the Kansas Budget Report topic.