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March 2023 – Volume 27 Issue 1

Completing the User Options is a great way for users to increase efficiency with data entry and printing reports in the School Accounting System.  The User Options allow users to select or change certain settings and preferences in the School Accounting System for their User ID.  Within User Options, the following fields and features are available:

  • Use Quick Tab:  disregards the Find button and Search button when moving from field to field
  • Use Enter Between Fields:  utilizes the Enter key, in addition to the Tab key, to move from field to field
  • Allow Enter for Save and Clear:  utilizes the Enter key as the shortcut key for the Save and Clear button
  • Assume Decimal:  inserts a decimal point automatically to include two decimal places for each amount the user enters into a numeric field (which allows decimals)
  • Auto Fill Searchable Fields:  shows a list of matching records as the characters are keyed into a searchable field and automatically appends the remaining characters to the end for the first record that matches the characters already entered
  • Use Scroll Wheel:  allows the ability to use the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll through the list of records within searchable fields
  • Auto Close Report Printing Options:  closes the report printing options screen automatically after previewing, printing, exporting, or emailing a report
  • Print Negative Numbers in Red:  selects the Print Negative Numbers in Red field by default when the user prints reports containing numeric fields in order to print negative values in red
  • Auto Copy Report Choices:  automatically copies the selections specified when printing a report to the Sub Heading field
  • Default Search Screen Column Focus:  stipulates the column number in which to have the focus (cursor) when searching
  • Favorite Reports:  allows users to set reports as favorites

The User Options are accessed by clicking the User Controls icon on the main School Accounting System screen.  For detailed instructions on completing the User Options, refer to the Completing User Options topic in the Help File, or click here to view the User Options Tutorial.