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June 2017 – Volume 21 Issue 2

June 2017 – Volume 21 Issue 2

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  This old cliché may not be used very often these days, but we are bellowing it out because we are excited to announce the Leave Requests feature is available!

The new Leave Requests option facilitates the process for requesting and approving leave.  With the Leave Requests feature, users enter and submit leave requests electronically.  Once the leave requests have been submitted, they automatically flow to the designated users, such as building principals, department supervisors, and/or superintendent, for electronic approval.  After leave requests are approved, they can be quickly selected and brought into a batch of Employee Absences or Pay Period Entries for processing in a Payroll check cycle.  For organizations with the Human Resources module licensed, the Leave Requests feature can also be set up to enter and submit requests for approval for family and medical leave, and then once approved, the family and medical leave requests can be added to the FMLA screen in the Employee File.

A few key items to keep in mind regarding the new Leave Requests option:

  • The Leave Requests feature is only available to organizations that have licensed the Web Link module.
  • The Leave Requests option integrates with the leaves defined in Payroll.
  • Approval paths are defined for use with leave requests.
  • The system can be set up to send notification emails when leave requests are pending approval or have been fully processed.

The days of requiring your employees to complete paper forms to request leave are gone.  So throw out your paper forms and start using the new Leave Request feature today!

To implement using the Leave Request feature, complete the Leave Requests Setup Checklist.  For detailed information on using leave requests, click here to request a recording of the Leave Requests Webinar.  For more information on the Web Link module or request a demo, click here.