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FAQ: I entered receivables for EOFY using the Create Receivables field in Cash Receipts, and now in the next FY, I received only part of the money this month; how do I proceed?

Create a new batch of cash receipts for the current month and use the Select Receivables for Processing option to bring in the appropriate outstanding receivables.  The amount in the Cash Receipt Detail Amount field (and Cash Receipt Amount field) for the selected receivable entries will default to the full outstanding amount, but can be edited if the full amount was not received.  If the amounts are edited to reflect just a partial amount received, the remaining receivable balances will be outstanding for selection in the future.

Note:  If for some reason a receivable entry should not ever be processed (received), use the Cancel Outstanding Receivables option to remove a receivable detail line item so it no longer appears as unprocessed; refer to the Cancelling Outstanding Receivables topic in the Help File for detailed instructions.