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December 2023 – Volume 27 Issue 4

December 2023 – Volume 27 Issue 4

The Balancing Information option in Payroll calculates the formulas for taxes used for W2 balancing.  The Balancing Information option can be generated for a posted or unposted payroll calculation batch or a specified period (based on Check Dates or Processing Months).  It is recommended to complete the Balancing Information option for each payroll throughout the year to ensure the amounts on employee checks are correct and that the W2s will balance at the end of the calendar year.

When completing the Balancing Information option, the formulas compare the calculated amounts to the actual amounts, and if a formula does not balance (the calculated and actual amounts do not equal), a variance will appear for the formula.  If a formula has a variance (does not balance), the employees causing the variances can be viewed by simply clicking the Show Details button next to the variance amount, and then the necessary corrections can be made.

The first time using the Balancing Information option, the appropriate categories for the deductions to include must be specified, along with selecting the applicable pay codes and pay groups to include in the calculations.  After the pay group, deduction, and pay code specifications are defined, the system will retain the selections each time the option is accessed in the future.  Remember, for Missouri and Illinois organizations, be sure to utilize the Has Employees Exempt from Social Security field located on the Deductions tab to account for and avoid variances for employees exempt from Social Security; for more details, click here to view the Training Tidbit on this topic.

To help determine the cause of a variance within the Balancing Information option and see how to resolve a variance, click here to access the Balancing Information Worksheet.  For detailed instructions on using the Balancing Information option, refer to the Balancing Information topic in the Help File, or click here to request the Balancing Information Option Webinar recording.